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This service unlocks mobile phones currently locked to the 3 Hutchison network, Denmark.

To unlock your mobile phone using the 3 Hutchison Denmark Unlocking Service, you need to provide us with the following information:
  • Your mobile phone manufacturer name and model number
  • The name of the network or service provider your mobile phone is currently locked to
  • The IMEI Number of your mobile phone

Supported Mobile Phones
  • All Alcatel mobile phones
  • All Blackberry mobile phones
  • All HTC mobile phones
  • All HP mobile phones
  • All LG mobile phones
  • All Motorola mobile phones
  • All Nokia mobile phones
  • All Pantech mobile phones
  • All Sagem mobile phones
  • All Samsung mobile phones
  • All Sharp mobile phones
  • All Sony Ericsson mobile phones
  • And all other mobile phones locked to 3 Hutshison network, Denmark except Apple iPhones.

Unsupported Mobile Phones
  • All Apple mobile phones

If your mobile phone's model is not supported or not available on the supported models list please contact us with your mobile phone details; we may be able to help you unlock your phone or provide you with an alternative solution.

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